How a Master Energy Healer works with spirit guides to manage times when life can seem too hard.


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How a Master Energy Healer works with spirit guides to manage times when life can seem too hard. Alicia gives a simple spirit-connection training and advice for these kinds of tough moments.

  • When you feel down, lose hope, or are sad it's important to tune in and observe your tone of thinking.

  • Thoughts create emotions: we're not at the mercy of our emotions, it's not about not acknowledging or feeling emotions, rather allowing the truth of our feelings to be real for us but at the same time managing our whole mental stability.

  • Use tools like connecting with spirit guides or meditation to find your sense of empowerment again, to feel hope again (Sample tool/exercise at the end).

  • The state of empowerment gives us capacity & capability to change our thought style; focus on thinking thoughts that empower you rather than disempower you.

  • Be deliberate in bringing yourself back to stability, ***Inner Stability Helps You Create Your Life Accurately***

  • Sample exercise to ask spirit technicians to scan your energy system for fear & sadness. 

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You are NOT alone in this life. Your Spirit Guides are working hard to support you, LOVE you and ENGAGE with you. So that you feel happier and more fulfilled. This life CAN be a miracle IF you let THEM guide you!