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  • “Practice makes perfect. Believe and make it happen”
  • “I have learned that the information coming back to a question that I might have asked is not quite obvious. It is quiet, subtle, and gentle in a way that it comes back to me”
  • “Most people are not use in identifying the subtle information that flows from the spirit. That’s why we should be aware of simple tactics and trainings.”
  • “We’ve got so many questions in life, but our spirit guides really want us to get a life that we wanted to receive in this lifetime… They can puppeteer new things  for you try something new and better.”
  • “If you wish someone you could chat and get a little bit overview,insights or maybe guidelines about life, your spirit guides hears you, observing you, lovingly and gently. Spirit guides really wanted to communicate each of us all the time.”
  • “The more you show up and practice your willingness and openness is the key to hear your spirit guides clearly.”
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Everything is inside our mind but yet it matters to your “Law of Attraction”. There are times that we are bursting to reach insights about something we are eager to know. With that, Let's choose to Practice, Attract, Show up and Apply. After all, I Guarantee you All is well. #AliciaPowerShow