Monthly Mastermind Q&A With Alicia Power & Her CEO Spirit Tutors 

Join a life-changing opportunity to have your questions mentored in a private group MASTERMIND program with Alicia Power's CEO Level Spirit Tutors. 


Enjoy Individual Mentoring

Grow within an ongoing small dedicated soul community

Your Questions

Personalized mentoring answering your questions. 


Discover like-hearted souls and feel the love together. 


Personal mentoring with Alicia is often in the several $000's. 

Advanced Training

Deep healing and upgrades of your soul .

"Alicia, you (and your spirit tutors) just continue to blow my mind! Seriously, I think, what more can she say? And yet, a sentence later I find myself feeling like I'm in that scene in The Matrix where I've just taken the blue pill :-) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. "

" It has meant a lot to have been able to have answers to questions that I have been asking for a long time. Thank you for some intense upliftment as I have been trying to clear the veil of darkness. I am eternally grateful to all for your incredible gifts."

"Your meditations and your programs, are providing me with so many tools and are certainly helping me among others things, being who I have become. Love came into my life. And then I am writing a book to share my message, something you always kept motivating us to do... and the ideas are flowing for other projects. "

Alicia Power

Master Healer and Spirit Telepath, Alicia has been trained directly by Creator Being spirit tutors for 25 years - to understand the steps of real spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

She has been intensely initiated by these CEO levels of the spirit dimensions -  to hold extremely high frequency light. And this super light activates in listeners AWAKEN-NESS, empowerment and soul evolution. 


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