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9 x 1.5 hour LIFE-CHANGING Workshops

Alicia's 3 decades of training with Senior-level Spirit Tutors is unique.

Accelerate your life fulfillment as YOU connect with your own High Authority Spirit Mentor.

This is truly an ACCELERATING opportunity to awaken to your soul potential.

  • Activate a sped-up Program of Growth for your Soul.

  • Your spirit tutors carefully reveal your depth of power as a soul

  • Your spirit tutors teach you to clear and heal your auric field and so feel lighter

  • Your spirit tutors unveil vast ranges of knowledge you cannot at present fathom

  • Learn to 'let go' into Higher Knowledge

  • Learn HOW to 'hear' your guides more clearly

  • Learn HOW to PARTNER with them for fast GROWTH

  • Learn from a MASTER INTUITIVE 

This is a digital downloadable course (not a physical CD course).

**3-pay Option Available - CLICK HERE

What People Are Saying:

It is amazing. I have no words. Every time I hear and follow these modules, great things start to happen in my life. The best way to thank you Alicia, is by spreading your knowledge and love. THANK YOU


Hi Alicia, it was so amazing! Thank you. My spirit tutor is *** who came to teach me how to love with an open heart, so I can teach others to do the same.


Love, love, love! I met my spirit tutor and I have to say that I feel like I have caught up with an old friend. We recognised each other. :)


$270.00 USD

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