Livestream With Alicia Power 

Monthly 1.5 hrs of LIVE Video Streaming with Alicia Power channeling soul training, activations, and Spirit Surgery.


Each month for 1.5 hrs, Senior Spirit Beings Upgrade Your Personal Reality, Share The Latest Spirit World Energy Shifts And Deeply Heal Your Spirit

Kind Comments

"I HAD to stop the video to write whoever sees these Livestream replays...that... I LOVE ALICIA POWER!!!! Seriously changing my life...xoxo." - Leslie


"I do the live monthly now, and it's just incredible how it shifts me.
I've been doing 'spiritual work' for over 30 years, and I have never experienced this level of Help, never dreamed it possible."


"Absolutely amazing. There is nothing more to say as there aren’t words to convey or explain anything about these new expansive exquisite energies being placed into our auras....a huge thank you for you just being who you are and such a remarkable channel and teacher, and massive gratitude to all the light beings for all they give us." - Jenny


"When you told us we could open our eyes...I couldn't. I was swept up in this incredible energy. I went and laid on the sofa, because it was closer than the bed and I tried to sit up after 20 minutes, but laid back down...they were still working and I was spaced out. It was funny because I have 2 huge German Rottweilers and they came upstairs where I was in the living room and just laid on the opposite side of the room...very quiet. They would normally come over for a pet or to get me up. When I came to, they were just staring at me..." - Liv

High Frequency SOUL TRAINING including a targeted soul surgery that will awaken you quickly.


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