Soul Mentoring  Evolve Your Spirit
with Master Telepath and Awakener Alicia Power

A Deep Dive Into Soul Evolution... 

Get Ready For A Powerful Training - Each Word From Spirit

Do you want to be 'SOUL HAPPY' ?

After years of spiritual searching do you
still long for more knowledge and deeper fulfillment?


is ground breaking

spirit-sourced new training in


Hi, I'm Alicia Power
and I am honored to bring you direct-from-spirit education
that trains your heart to

hold love state 'beyond everything'.

That means - training in STABLE LOVE-FILLED JOY.
How to HOLD that STATE beyond everything.

And, by holding that STATE - 

As you move through the training,
listening to the lectures and practising the skills -

your heart will gain courage

... and you will learn EASE and ABUNDANCE.

Your heart will learn to rise above anxiety.

This is the main skill -

You will learn to love beyond EVERYTHING

... and your world will change as a result.

Do you want to be truly happy even though

your circumstances may at first be challenging?

Do you want deep soul satisfaction -

and even to discover your higher "self"?

Your higher SOUL?

I welcome you to a NEW WORLD of discovery...

You will unfold like a flower each time you

learn from these spirit-sourced lectures.

The spirit world understands YOU - it always has.

This course takes you by the hand and places the hand

of the love-filled spirit world into your hand.

This is the beginning of an amazing love relationship.

You will be healed, helped and evolved.

And they will always be there

to support you beyond all time.

Alicia Power
International Spiritual Advisor 

Advanced Spirit Communicator
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12 power-packed,
content-rich 1 hour workouts,

NEW information & how-to's ...

2-Speeds Of Delivery...

1. Each audio module is delivered conveniently to your in-box

every month for 12 months.


2. Delivered weekly inside our Soul Workout Members Portal 

(This gives you plenty of time to re-explore the profound processes and

 therefore gain more depth in comprehension,

plus experience even more inner shifts.)



to preview the entire list of course content. (Pdf) 

Here's a quick summary...

      • Valuable Tools to gain FULFILLMENT on the DEEPEST SOUL level.
      • Simple how-to 'spirit-knowledge' skills to expand LOVE in your life
      • Important strategies for HAPPINESS.
      • How INTUITION works.
      • Amazing process to touch intense "GOD LOVE".
      • Spirit-Knowledge Steps To Build Inner Freedom
      • How to Develop Automatic Joy
      • Powerful Life Clarity Exercises
      • And TONS more.... 


All processes are designed for you to explore new skills

in your own way and timing.

New spirituality information will be delivered gently

in a way that makes sense.

A tiny fraction of what you will learn:
  • How to Communicate with YOUR Soul to Discover Its Deepest Longing
  • How to Rocket Boost Your Decisions Using Emotion
  • How to Heighten Joy to a New Level
  • You will be led into a Key Lifetime Moment of Soul Decision
  • How to Reach the Higher Creative Self in Free Expression
  • How to be Fearless and Open-Hearted in Communication
  • How To Relax Under Stress
  • Practical Tools to Instantly Change Self Doubt
  • How To Harness Your Quantum Intelligence

What Others Say:

"This information is invaluable - I feel so happy and uplifted  all day as a result." R C, New York, USA

"I love each session you share so brilliantly and have benefited greatly! Thank you!"
S W, Jackson, USA

"I adore your encouragement. It has opened my heart, wide open, and I feel inspired and revitalised." WB, Sydney, Australia

"Finally I know that I have a true spiritual connection without rules, dogma, struggle or confusion." J K, Brisbane, Australia

"I am grateful for the loving energy and light that you put into all your interviews and products.  Thank you for everything.  You are a tremendous gift to the world."  J.W.  Maryland USA  

         A Quick Review of What You Receive:

      • Spirit-sourced new education in staying happy, centered and fulfilled
      • Processes & Practice - gaining proficiency - not just theory
      • New cutting edge skills in empowerment and spirituality
      • An experienced international soul mentor (34 years Spiritual Advisor)
      • Instant repeatable access to audio lectures
      • Audio links delivered conveniently to your email inbox
      • Modules available weekly inside Soul Workout Members Portal
      • Easy part payments if you need it
      • Soul Training With An Advanced Spirit Communicator
      • Convenient Self-Paced Home Study Course


Life-Changing Direct-From-Spirit  Audio Course

12 Module Course (12 x 1 hour audio trainings
plus bonus information)


No Risk To You

Money Back Guarantee
No risk cancellation and money back after 30 days.

Learn profound life-changing skills to stay balanced and soul-happy - this is your chance to make this lifetime soul-rich, soul-empowered, soul-clear and soul fulfilled.


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or enjoy the convenience of two monthly part payments of only $179. 

Thank you! And get ready for a life changing spirit-sourced education course that will literally ignite your soul-happy life!

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