"Here at last was someone who knew..."


Jennifer Flowers, Best-Selling Author, Screen Writer, Spiritualist

Alicia Power and Me

I remember the first time I heard Alicia on the radio. My consciousness went on full alert. Here at last was someone who knew.

I am a popular author and successful screenwriter, and while my whole life was littered with supernatural events, my scientist husband and our son had almost convinced me it was my imagination, or more accurately, that I could never rule out that these events were products of what is admittedly an, ah, active imagination.

Then, came the tumultuous year I lost them: first John my husband of thirty-five years - and eleven months later, our twenty three year old son, Jonpaul, passed. These two remarkable people were the brightest lights in my life. In the throes of grief, the doors to the spiritual realm opened and I walked through.


Experience after experience piled up, but I still didn’t understand the changed reality I found myself in. I began searching for answers and that is when spirit lead me to Alicia and her guides.

For the first time, someone was presenting a coherent understanding of spirit and us; the who, what, how and most important, the why of our human relationship to the spiritual realm. What Alicia said rang with truth.


I went to Alicia’s website www.SoulMentoring.com and began going through her courses. I began to foster a personal relationship to her guides. Each course built on the previous experience with her guides. With each meditation, the Guides vibration increased. The light increased.

How do you experience this? It is a shift toward positivity, joy, understandings, and love.


As a lifelong yogi, I felt certain I had no shadow energy. HA! I was also not sure I even believed in this. Then, I was on a hike with my Newfoundland dog, Paris, while re-listening to one of Alicia’s meditations on my phone. She said to sit down as the guides will scan and clear your auric field. I needed a rest anyway and I sat down. I felt her guides scan: tickling, energetic light, the powerful vibration. All of a sudden, I felt a dark blob (no other words) sucked from my throat chakra. Omg. (I was like, that was inside of me?)

I have since experienced the transmuting of shadow energy dozens of times. Three times it felt like major ‘extractions’, but sometimes I will feel Alicia’s guides extracting shadow energy from small injuries, like a torn meniscus or a sore arm.


I began to understand how it works. Then, the miracles. There are too many to recount—it would take a book, but here are three of my favorites.



One day I am deep in meditation and all of a sudden, I am experiencing one of Alicia’s guides. He has had thousands of incarnations. He shows me one. He is standing on the wide expanse of an elevated stage before thousands of people. I feel as if I am in the audience, but surely this is my imagination. What I sense is an overwhelming compassion for the people before him. I ask him what his expertise is? It is our religions and religious traditions.

 He surrounds me with an energetic love; I am awash in it.


Finally, I ask him what is missing from my book. The book is about animals. An agent read it, loved it, but said he felt something was missing. I didn’t know what this was and so I asked the guide.

 Answers come at once, I’ve noticed. There is no delay. Almost as soon as you pose the question, the answer appears in consciousness.


He says: Include your understanding of animals’ spirits.


Epiphany. My understanding of the spirts of animals is missing from my book!

I shower him with gratitude and that is that. I rouse myself to get off to yoga.

Dawn has broken. It is six in the morning. I stumble (a bit discombobulated) from my meditation spot in the backyard into the kitchen, followed by Paris, and Mango-Bango, our little mutt. And there on the counter sits a distressed finch.

Right off I can tell it is terrified, unable to find its way out of the house. My heart starts to pound as I envision the scene familiar to all of us: As I try to get the poor thing out of our house, the terrified bird will hit walls and windows, becoming ever more frantic. I become even more nervous and of course the dogs assume this is a group hunt and they enthusiastically join in the chase.


I hear his voice. Ask her spirit to help you.


I close my eyes for a brief moment. I envision the little bird in my mind’s eye. I tell her, I will hold out my hand and if you hop on, I will carry you gently out the door and to freedom.


 I sense her permission.


I slowly hold out my hand. The little finch hopped on. I gently carried her to the outside, where she flew off my hand.


Since then, I am able to read animals spirits; I connect to what they need.



The second story involves my dog Paris. She has a heart murmur and I knew she would not likely have a long life. About a year ago, she develops labored breathing, sounds like Darth Vadar, and has a limp from the trouble in her chest cavity. I take her to vet, who does an x-ray and sees she has a grossly enlarged heart. I say how long? He says, Maybe a month. I am like, okay. Paris had a GREAT five years and it is her time. 


At this time my friend Leigha was visiting me.  I told her about Alicia and she wanted to try it out. I put on one of Alicia's meditations. Leigha is also a long time yogi and serious meditator. She was in lotus, I was laying down. First twenty minutes is Alicia talking while her guides assess the souls involved, then the meditation begins and the sudden flood of light and energy.

Paris was laying between us. She always goes into a DEEP sleep with Alicia's meditations, but that time, OMG, Paris sounded like Darth Vader amplified. Leigha said later, she thought, I cannot concentrate with poor Paris sounding as if she is drawing her last breath. Me too. I was thinking, this is it, I'm going to have to say goodbye to her tomorrow... but suddenly both Leigha and I fell under the stream of light and energy.


During the healing session Leigha had one epiphany after another, came too, weeping and I think it changed her life, but... ever since then, Paris's breathing is normal. She is fine! It has been almost a year. Alicia told me her guides zoomed in, realized we couldn't concentrate because of the dog and said, oh, let's take care of the dog for them. They said dogs are people too. HAHAHA. 


The third story involved my mom. She is 85 now. She was dying. (Heart disease--serious A fib.) She couldn't get out of bed. Stopped taking her meds, said she was ready to go and was in a lot of pain.

Alicia said to ask the guides for an energy healing. I did. The NEXT day my mom got up, showered and took the dog for a walk. I was flabbergasted.

I was like, Mom, but you… you were dying? She laughed, Was I? I don't remember that. It has been about three months and every day she wakes up HAPPY, walks the little dog, paints all day, listens to her books and even goes to the movies and out to dinner once in a while. 


I just feel compelled to emphasize for newcomers to Alicia’s channeling: You will probably not ‘feel’ or experience anything supernatural at first, but keep at it, keep going, keep visiting her meditations. I promise, you will begin to change. Life will become the exciting and powerful spiritual adventure it was meant to be.




JJ Flowers (Previous novels: Jennifer Horsman)


Latest novel: Juan Pablo and the Butterflies (Simon & Schuster, 2017)  

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