Soul Mentoring  Evolve Your Spirit
with Master Telepath and Awakener Alicia Power

Experienced Soul Travellers

Enlightenment in this lifetime
is possible through the intervention of senior authority mentors of the spirit world.

This senior level of the spirit world can activate for you a comprehensive soul acceleration program with your permission.

You will experience your mind and heart awakening intensively. Your recognition of yourself as ‘Creator’ and your ability to manifest your heart preferences will develop.

You will begin a program of soul history shadow release far beyond your conscious awareness. This program is impeccably supervised and implemented by your spirit mentors.

Importantly, your heart will open profoundly to love beyond fear. This is the key learning – to eventually become One with the Source of Love.

Soul is a resource of knowledge for the steps to take in this extraordinary process.  It teaches the skills to learn directly from this senior authority level of the spirit world, as well as offering you experienced support in the acceleration process.



Accelerated Soul Training

Hear Alicia Power speak about Senior Spirit Mentors.

"Alicia Power Speaks on Advanced Soul Training"
Free Audio
Tips on communicating with the spirit world. How Spirit Mentors can change your circumstances. More

"How To Drive Your Reality From Your Heart" Audio
Excellent introduction to your acceleration journey. Parallel universes, the quantum power of Heart Resonance, how spirit beings influence your personal universe. More

Home Study Course "Life Keys For Your Spirit"
(12 Audio Lectures) - How-to's to a soul fulfilled life. Advanced seekers will gain more from this training than beginners. More