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with Master Telepath and Awakener Alicia Power

Alicia Power B.A. 

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After three decades of spiritual mastery training and teaching, Alicia Power passes on her knowledge of 'Awakening Deliberately'. 

If you want stepping stones that don't slip, Alicia's courses and tele-seminars activate your inner divinity while informing your mind's logic.

With a journalism background, Alicia translates high esoteric knowledge into everyday digestible tools that anyone can use. 

From a young age Alicia's passion for connection with the divine led her to study under spiritual masters and eventually, over two decades, directly from the worlds of spirit.

It has been this accelerated evolutionary soul training that brought her to an experience of union with god source. It is this same training she is dedicated to pass on to those wanting 'Deliberate Awakening'.

Alicia is a feature writer for international spa and lifestyle magazines and is a regular guest on radio. She is also a passionate inspirational public speaker.

 If you are interested in accelerating your journey and soul purpose in this lifetime, join Alicia on regular webcasts, home-study training and other live events.

Alicia Power - Media Interview 

"Secrets of the Human Mind"
Free Audio 30 mins

Hear Alicia interviewed by broadcaster Gayle Cue.Alicia speaks about how ESP and 'Intuition' can easily be scientifically explained.






Inspirational Educator Alicia Power
will WAKE UP
your audience. 

Each member of your audience longs to become empowered to realize their dreams. A consciousness expert, Alicia Power reveals secrets about the mind and higher nature of humans that instantly gives simple tools to your audience.

Alicia delivers empowerment, courage, clarity and soul-hot motivation - the secrets of a successful person's life.
Her challenging yet entertaining style will activate your audience's clarity at the deepest level.

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