Psychic Scan course has tons of great tools, tips, and information to support you in all your relationships (check out some of the testimonials below!).
And I'd like to support you, by sharing some of the tools and tips from my Psychic Scan course in this free video series.

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"Psychic Scan helps the journey of the SOUL  - to learn to LOVE - above everything." - Alicia Power

In each video enjoy deep healing and SPIRIT TEACHING on how to stay empowered in your relationships using easy spirit-based tools.

Customer comment: "People I've shown these tools to, use them in their client or counselling practices, when faced with difficult moments at work, or with loved ones and family members."

You'll learn TONS of important simple how-to's that you'll probably use EVERY DAY! 

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"The Psychic Scan tools gave such clarity and insight into my relationship with my partner. I believe the tools would be helpful whether you are on a first date or have been in a relationship with someone for many years." - Valerie

"Highly recommended, just like all the other programs that Alicia Power offers. She’s an angel.” - Bea



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